Newsletter 14th April 2016


Date: 15/04/2016

Monday 25 April



Monday 2nd May



Thursday 5 May



Friday 27 May

Bike Week – everyone may bring bikes/scooters to Pre-School for activities outside.


BANK HOLIDAY – PRE SCHOOL CLOSED – you will not be charged for this day.


PRE-SCHOOL CLOSED – ELECTION DAY – you will not be charged for this day.



End of Term (5)

Monday 6 June Start of Summer Term (6)
Saturday 18 June RUN – all hands on deck (field)
Thursday 23 June PRE-SCHOOL CLOSED – ELECTION DAY – you will not be charged for this day.
Friday 15 July End of Summer Term (6)



What have we been learning this week?


Having returned with renewed energy after our Easter break, the children have begun researching where things come from.  We have used the computer and reference books to find out where foods in our lunchbox are grown or where they are made.  The children are recording their findings in picture form so far to either take home or display on the boards in the hall.  We will continue with this theme throughout the term.

We welcome a new friend, Melissa to our group this term.  The children have been very welcoming and do enjoy making new friends.  We are sure that Melissa will have a lovely time with us all.

The weather has been kind to us this week and we have taken part in a number of P.E sessions outdoors.  We do have a lovely range of equipment to enable the children to progress with their large physical skills such as throwing, rolling, balancing, catching, using bats and rackets, using space safely and effectively as well as having so much fun and taking part in physical activity to keep healthy.

The Transformer group used the internet to find out where items in their lunchboxes come from.  We each chose an item, asked the computer and individually assisted with the use of the keyboard to ‘send our question to the computer’. We found photos of huge bunches of bananas growing on trees, pepper plants, carrots growing underground, oranges growing in sunny orchards and we did try to locate a factory where jam tarts are made!  This proved rather trickier than the rest but it was interesting and fun to think of the processes needed to produce a delicious jam tart!

We will use our singing times to practise signing this term.  We will use a wonderful CD and book to listen and see how to say words with our hands.  The children already do this when singing ‘Twinkle Twinkle’ and we now feel that they are ready to move on to some more adventurous songs! 

We have thoroughly enjoyed our first week of the Summer term!  The children have been delighted to be together again.  We look forward to plenty of outdoor activities and adventures as the weather warms up.  Please see the dates at the top of this newsletter for our annual Sports day which we hope that many of you will be able to join us for.






In celebration of the 90th birthday of Queen Elizabeth II one of our activities will be to create a collage using stamps.  Please help us to collect stamps and we will soak them and use them for a display.  Please bring your stamps along during April and May so that we can get creating!  Thank you.



In line with our current theme and to explore where different sounds come from we would be grateful for contributions of some of the following: lentils, chickpeas, rice, pasta etc – just a small amount – so that we can make shakers with the children.  Please discuss at home what your child would like to put in their shaker and then pop a small amount in a bag.  We will then use the shakers to make rhythms at music time.



If your child is going to be absent from their session please telephone Pre-School to advise us of the absence.

Our sessions are filling fast and we may be able to offer the space to someone in need.



We are more than happy to accommodate extra sessions upon request as long as we have the spaces available and these extra minutes/hours are charged accordingly.  Please be aware that a late collection of children also carries a charge of £1.25 for each 15 minutes that they remain in our care. Payment is required at the time of collection.

It can be most embarrassing for us to keep having to ask for money and we understand that it is the same for you!  Please help us avoid this by paying promptly.  Thank you.



Thank you for the wonderful variety of fruits, veg and snack items that are contributed to our snack basket.  All items are hugely appreciated and ensure that everyone eats healthily and adventurously.  Please keep them coming!



We have a fantastic selection of books; fiction and non-fiction that we enjoy sharing with the children.  Each child has received a blue book folder.  Please use these to borrow one book at a time from Pre-School and then return it to exchange for another.



Please kindly put the surname as a reference when paying by bank transfer.  This is the most popular method of payment, which is great, but we need to know who the payment is from!

On the bottom of your bill is a return slip.  Please give this to Liz so that we are aware the payment has been made.  Thank you.



We are being treated soon to a taster session of ‘Diddi Dance’, a music and dance activity session focusing on a number of different styles of dance and music.  If we enjoy the session then we hope to go ahead with it regularly.


Thank you for your ongoing support.  We always appreciate your comments and ideas.


We are all looking forward to the summer term; we hope you are too.


Kind regards,


Nina, Liz and Kelly.






Committee news

We are excited by the new term and the last term for the transformer group. Following a recent meeting with the head teacher of Checkendon Primary school we will be working alongside the school to assist with the transition to school in respect of the reception class and preschool undertaking a few more joint activities.


If you have any suggestions for the committee please do email us, we will keep them anonymous if requested to do so.