20th May Newsletter

27 May End of Summer Term (5)
6 June Start of Summer Term (6)
18 June RUN – all hands to deck (field)
1 JULY Sports Day – 10.00am – 1.00pm DETAILS TO FOLLOW
15 July End of Summer Term (6)
What Have We Been Doing This Week?

This week we have continued to go slightly off-plan in our study of snails.  A beautiful collection of snail collages is being displayed on a board.  The children have listened to Lexi’s snail story and have used glitter glue and sparkles to represent the slime!

P.E this week was great fun – we used the parachute as a base for our exercises and games.  Stretching, moving in rhythm with each other, using our individual spaces, making our bodies into shapes and following instructions all made for a great P.E session.

We were able to change into our P.E clothes efficiently and remembered how to do after our practise during Transformers earlier in the week.

We made hula hoops and have used them outside to practise control, working in pairs and the fine art of hula hooping – well done Holly, you are superb at this!

Next week we will be constructing a castle and making a collage of the Queen in our celebrations of her 90th birthday.

Please bring along small boxes next week and we will use them to build models.  In fact, any ‘junk’ that may usually be recycled can be brought in.  Please ensure it is clean and there are no medicine containers, cleaning product containers or anything that you would normally not want a child to use.

Just a carrier bag full will be plenty if everyone brings.

Drama, Dance and Music

Next Thursday afternoon will be Georgina’s first drama, dance and music session with us.  She will introduce herself, get to know the group and lead them on a ‘Bear Hunt’.  We will all join in the session which we are thoroughly looking forward to.


I can only apologies for any congestion in the village hall car park, especially at the end of the school day.

Despite reminders that the car park is for village hall users only, we are aware that many Primary School families do use it as a convenient and easy place to park.

I will, again, request that a reminder is placed in the Primary School newsletter.


We are in the planning stages of a planting scheme for our raised bed located in the grounds of the Primary School.

Over the next week or so the children will plant it out and observe the growth of the plants.

Will it be flowers or vegetables or a mix of both……….we’ll soon find out!

*Please return your purple communication diaries as often as you can.  They are a delightful read and are vital in our gathering of information for each child’s learning journal.

*If you have been given a likes and dislikes form please return it as soon as you can – if you haven’t done so already.

Thank you,

Nina, Liz and Kelly.

Monday A.M – Gardening

Tuesday A.M – Cooking with Liz and Vicki.

Tuesday P.M – Transformers

Wednesday P.M – P.E

Thursday A.M – French

Friday A.M – Transformers – Experimental Activities

Committee news

The preschool is a parent run preschool and they are volunteers. Any support you feel you can provide will be appreciated.   We have recently welcomed Vicki Thomas on to our committee.  If you would like to join us in support of Pre-School and be a committee member, please come and have a chat to Nina.  We look forward to welcoming new committee members – it’s a great way to have a say in your child’s early education and can be great fun too!


The signs are up – thank you to all for the offers of support it is much appreciated. We will be getting in touch closer to the time with a list to sign up to but please bear in mind that we will need a few cakes from you if nothing else!

Secondly, we are looking for a tea and coffee van or a generator so that we can provide hot drinks – Anyone that can beg borrow (please don’t steal) one we would really appreciate it.


The next committee meeting is due to be held on 24 May 2016. Everyone is welcome. If you have any ideas or something you would like raised please contact either Hannah or Nina.