27th May Newsletter

Friday 27 May End of Summer Term (5)
Monday 6 June Start of Summer Term (6)
Saturday18 June RUN – all hands to deck (field)

Coffee Morning – 9.00-11.00 in the cricket pavilion on Checkendon Field.

Friday 1 JULY Sports Day – 10.00am – 1.00pm
Friday 15 July End of Summer Term (6)
What have we been learning this week?


This week we have been building and making castles.  We used the computer to find images of different castles from around the world – we looked at the Bavarian castles and upon Louis’ request we looked at castles in Transylvania.  We made collages of castles using a variety of different shapes.  Then we looked at pictures of gargoyles and drew them on our castles! We used the playdoh to model gargoyles and have thoroughly enjoyed looking at their funny faces.

Along with shield-making and using large boxes to play in and be whatever and whoever we want to be, we have enjoyed a busy week of modelling and constructing.

Our theme of castles and The Queen will continue for one week when we return from the half term break.  We will be drawing |the Queen and using stamps to make a collage.

Following our royal theme we will move on to celebrating Father’s Day – spending a week making treats and surprises.

We will then move on to our Sports Day practices….


On Friday 1st July we will hold our annual sports day.  The races begin at 10.00am followed by a picnic lunch.

We race on the large field opposite Pre-School.

We will ask the children to wear a team colour – details after half term.

We will also put up a list of food in the hallway as traditionally we ask each family to bring an item of food to share at the picnic.

Full details of the event will be sent home after half term but please put the date in your diaries – FRIDAY 1ST JULY 10.00am-1.00pm.

We hope that many of you can join us – please bring along family members, it is always a lovely event and enjoyed by all.


Liz and Vicki will continue to cook after half term – different dishes using meringues – yum!


Georgina joined us this week for our first drama and singing session.

We had a lovely time using loud and quiet voices, moving at different speeds, pretending to be the Queen and soldiers as well as practising our bows and curtseys!

We look forward to finding out what Georgina has planned for us next…….


Our committee are hosting a coffee morning between 9.00am and 11.00am on Thursday 23rd June.

The cricket pavilion over the road is being opened for us.

Do come along and enjoy the sunshine and a piece of cake – everyone is welcome!

We break up today for a week’s holiday.  We wish you all a happy half term break and look forward to our return on MONDAY 6th JUNE – no inset day for Pre-School.

With best wishes,

Nina, Liz, Kelly.

Monday A.M – Mud Kitchen

Tuesday A.M – Cooking with Liz and Vicki.

Tuesday P.M – Transformers

Wednesday P.M – P.E

Thursday A.M – French

Friday A.M – Cooking

Committee news

We wish you all a happy half term it has been a busy term and the kids clearly love the Summer months.


There are paper entry forms and entry forms on the website – please help us to understand numbers on the day. Dare we jinx it but the long term weather forecast is looking good…

We will need your help so anyone not running but happy to be a person on the day there will be a list to put your name to after half term.

June 23rd

As the hall is closed for preschool the committee is hoping to use the community facilities of the pavilion to provide a coffee morning and opportunity for mums and villagers to meet. Please come along for an informal get together and opportunity to entertain the children.


The committee meeting was held on 24 May 2016. If you would like to see the minutes please contact Nina or Hannah.