24th June Newsletter


What have we been learning this week?


This week we enjoyed practising balancing, hopping, skipping and more in readiness for Sports Day.

We put ourselves into teams, built hurdles, found the correct pieces of equipment, drew the start and finish lines, helped each other, cheered each other and competed (in a friendly fashion!) in races.

This was not only in preparation for our annual Sports day on Friday 1st July but also a team-building exercise.  The group works really well together – it is an excellent skill to develop; to be able to give and follow instructions given by your peers and take turns in this way.

We will find our selection of ‘school books’ next week for the school leavers to borrow and enjoy at home.  These are stories based around starting school and provide an excellent base for discussions about feelings, expectations and concerns about the move on to Primary School.

Please borrow and return them to ensure that each child is able to read a selection.


Liz and Vicki continued in their quest for the perfect meringue this week.  A new group of children practised the skills required to whisk, beat, pipe and chop to produce a delicious strawberry-filled dessert.


Friday 1st July.  Please ensure all children are in the village hall by 10.00am.  We will lead them outside and across to the running lines on the field opposite the hall.

Once you have dropped children with us, please take your blanket or seat over the road and make yourselves comfy alongside the running lines.

We will be with you as soon as we are all ready.

We would like each child to wear either a RED, BLUE or WHITE t-shirt with shorts and suitable shoes (no crocs or flappy sandals).

Everyone will compete in a number of races ranging from hurdles to egg and spoon.

Once the races have finished and the children have each received a medal and a certificate then we will all enjoy a delicious lunch.  Please see below for picnic details…..

After lunch we will return to Pre-School for the afternoon with the children who usually attend the pm session.

From Monday there will be a notice in the entrance hall with suggestions of extra food items to share at the picnic.  As a guide, there will be 24 children who may each bring 2 or more family members.  Everyone will need to eat!

This year we will provide bread rolls to be filled at home.  The rolls are in packs of 6 and a list of fillings will be on the food notice.  Please simply take the rolls and fill them with your chosen filler.

Alongside the rolls we would like contributions of salad, fruit and extras such as crisps/sausage roll/quiche/dessert/napkins/paper plates.   Please sign your name next to your chosen contribution and bring it along ready for Friday.

Drinks – we have a number of bottles of water available to purchase on the day.

Any food requiring refrigeration will be stored in our fridge until parent helpers transfer it to the picnic tables.

Thank you everyone for the contributions and let’s keep our fingers crossed for another day of sunshine!

FINISH LINE HELPERS – we could really do with some helpers to hold the finish line.  If you would be able to help us out please add your name on the notice in the hallway.

I have just read in the Checkendon Village newsletter that Uxmore Road which leads into Checkendon from Stoke Row, will be CLOSED  for 3 days from Monday 4th July.  This is due to Thames Water completing some necessary works.

It will hopefully be possible to reach us by following the road through Stoke Row, turn right into Busgrove Lane then right again into Whitehall Lane (the road with the post office on) which will bring you out just before the phone box on the Checkendon Road.

I have gathered this info from the Checkendon Village Newsletter.  If there are any changes then I apologise but this is all I know!  Lets hope it doesn’t cause too much inconvenience.

Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions.

Kind regards,

Nina, Liz and Kelly.

Monday A.M – Mud Kitchen

Tuesday A.M – Cooking with Liz and Vicki.

Tuesday P.M – Transformers

Wednesday P.M – P.E

Thursday A.M – French

Friday A.M – Cooking

Committee news

Please see a separate email sent from Pre-School with regards to the Fun Run.

We are delighted to announce that the event raised £450.00. This will be used to purchase ICT items for the children.  This will include toys and resources that require switching on, pushing, pulling or any action to make it work.

Next committee meeting is being held on Tuesday 28th June at Hannah’s house in Checkendon.  If you wish to attend please let Nina know and she will give you the address.

Thank you again for those who came along and supported the Fun Run or made cakes or helped in any way – the first fundraising event organised by our current committee. A successful event that we hope to build on year by year…..

Best wishes,

The Checkendon Pre-School CIO Committee.