4th July Newsletter

Tuesday 12 July Dressing up in pyjamas day with picnic lunch – see below….
Friday 15 July Last day of summer term. 
Monday 5 September First day of autumn term.


Sports Day

What a successful day we had!  Hopefully you all enjoyed watching and supporting the children as they competed in a variety of races.

We are very proud of them and I do think they are proud of themselves!

Thank you all for your help – and for your contributions towards the delicious picnic lunch. Thank you for staying and enjoying the social time, the children really seemed to be enjoying themselves.

We are always so pleased with the sports day event – the weather this year turned out fine and the children joined in enthusiastically.  I imagine that they were all pretty tired on Friday evening!


Thank you for all your bids on the prizes in the silent auction.

We do have some winners but I am waiting for confirmation before I inform the world of winners!!

Thank you for your bids – I am sure that your generosity has raised over £150 so thank you from all of us and all the children – they will benefit hugely from your kindness.


The group spent the afternoon putting the finishing touches to the book that they have been busy constructing this term.  They have thought of all the ideas themselves, drawn the pictures and then collated their words into a book. 

We have one copy here and each of the ‘authors’ have taken a copy home.

Well done Transformers – a very special and educational activity.


On Tuesday 12th July we will be hosting a PYJAMA AND PICNIC DAY.

Children attending on the Tuesday may wear their pyjamas to Pre-School!  We will have a day of fun for the children who are moving on to Primary School.  We will spend the day decorating t-shirts and having lots of fun.


Our last day of the summer term is Friday 15th July.  The day ends at the usual time of 3.30pm.

In September we return on Monday 5th.  We are looking forward to welcoming all the children who are returning to us for the autumn/winter term.

We have already got so many plans ready for the children and we look forward to welcoming many new friends during the term.


Due to inclement weather our voting day coffee morning was cancelled.

We aim to hold another one on Monday 12th September.

We think that this would be a nice way to welcome all our new families and really get to know each other.  After the summer holidays we are bound to have plenty to talk about!

Further details will follow……we hope that many of you can join us.


If you wish to see the minutes of the meeting on Tuesday do ask Nina or Chairmancheckendonpreschool@gmail.com

Evaluation form

You will be receiving parental evaluation forms in the children’s’ envelopes next week. This is a valuable tool to understanding the needs of the preschool.

Selling your school

Please continue to mention the preschool at any children gatherings, facebook netmums etc. Thank you.

Easy fundraising – have a look online but it is an easy way to raise money for the school.

Best wishes,

The Checkendon Pre-School CIO Committee.