27th January 2017 Newsletter

Friday 10th February End of term.
Monday 20th February

Tuesday 28th February

Saturday 4th March

First day of term.


Pancake Day – yummy surprises for snack!!

Coffee Shop – everyone welcome – 10-12 – in village hall.

Wednesday 22nd March

Friday 7th April

Mother’s Day Coffee Morning – 9.00-10.30 – ALL WELCOME

Last day of term – Easter holiday.

Monday 24th April First day of term.

We have been busy this week………………

Everyone is looking forward to Chinese New year – Year of the Rooster.  We are being taught some Chinese words and songs this year by Jo, Hal’s Nanny and we will taste delicious festive foods for snack.  The Little Chefs will also be making tasty Chinese treats.

The hall is beginning to look brighter with the children’s work on the display boards.  The examples of mark-making and writing are just wonderful and we are all rightfully proud of each individual’s achievement.

French with Kelly returned this week – we are learning the songs “Incey Wincey Spider” and “Two Little Dickie Birds”.

Little Chefs made “Iceberg Meringues” with a fruity topping.  They were, we have been told, absolutely delicious!

Next week the Little Chefs will be celebrating Chinese New Year with their cooking.

We are looking forward to this term as the weather brightens and the mornings are lighter. We are planning lots of learning opportunities and creative activities for everyone to enjoy.

We have enjoyed a range of number games this week.  Using visual resources such as monkeys and large, mirrored numbers we have played games that involve adding and subtracting to make larger and smaller numbers.  We have practised order and sorting through activities and games. Counting forwards and backwards/up and down is a daily activity.  By using maths language and by using maths in practical situations, the children learn quickly and effectively.

We have practised our letter formation this week.  Letter recognition and sound identification is improving rapidly as the children are including this in everyday language and conversations with the staff.

We are celebrating Chinese New Year next week – the year of the Rooster – and will be completing our giant rooster as well as practising some Chinese writing and making decorations.


We would like to build and construct models using a variety of small boxes.  When sorting the recycling, please make a small collection of boxes suitable for the children to make models with.  Please bring your boxes in a carrier bag – no boxes larger than a cereal box please.  Thank you.


 “Opposites” – Liz would like to continue recognition of opposites next week.  Please bring ‘opposite’ items in:  large/small   rough/smooth  hard/soft……

Items will be used for observation and handling to enable the children to learn in a physical way.  Please name everything!

“Anything Chinese” – in celebration of Chinese New Year, please bring anything that you may have to help the children visualise the topic.

And, yes we have already had the suggestion of bringing lunch!!!!!


Next week’s chefs are:


Little Chefs will be making CHINESE PANCAKE ROLLS

Please bring with you a suitable filling (carrot, beansprouts, pepper…..) to chop and fill the pancakes with.  Little Chefs will be making the pancakes and then chopping the fillings to construct the pancake rolls.

Remember a suitable, lidded storage container to take the pancake rolls home in.


Many of you may be aware that Checkendon Pre-School has a Facebook page.  We use this to remind and inform our families of events that we are planning or themes we are covering and much more.

The page will not ever have photos of the Pre-School children on it.

The admin team would like to inform everyone that the page is for information only and must not be used to advertise private businesses.

If you wish to advertise your own or friend’s business ventures, we are happy to do this via the wallets or posters on the noticeboards if they are deemed suitable.

Any posts added to the Checkendon Pre-School facebook page which are not deemed suitable will be removed.

Does anyone have a liquidizer or food processor that is sitting unused and unloved?  If so, we would be very grateful to have one here.  We are being given so much fruit by Tesco and we would like to whizz it up and freeze to enable us to make treats at a later date.  We are thinking of ice lollies, smoothies, sauces etc.

Thank you in advance if you are able to help.


As you may know, we have joined the Fairshare scheme in conjunction with the Henley branch of Tesco.

This means that we collect a weekly donation of bakery, chilled and fresh goods from Tesco for the children to consume throughout the week.

Due to the wonderful amount and variety that we do collect, at this present time we would like you to cease your contributions to the snack bowl.  We are so lucky to receive all the food items from Tesco and we hope that this may continue for a long time but it does mean that we have so much food!!

Thank you for your contributions to the snack bowl.  Your help has always been appreciated by us all.

Spare Clothes

Please ensure that your child has at least one whole outfit of spare clothes in the bag that Checkendon Pre-School has provided.  We use our own bags to free up some space in the cloakroom area which we know is rather limited.


We are fully aware that the parking situation in the village hall is far from ideal.

As Pre-School families and, therefore users of the village hall, the car park is yours primarily to park in.  The disabled space is used by a Primary School parent who needs to manoeuvre a wheelchair to and from school.

No-one else from the Primary School should be parking in the car park, but monitoring and controlling the situation is virtually impossible without causing negativity.  We clearly do not want to do this so we have become very accepting of the situation.

I can only apologise for this and have taken steps this week to alert the Primary School again to the problem.  The school is usually supportive – unfortunately it’s the parents who choose to ignore the situation.

The Primary School are lucky to have Dave to assist in safe crossings of the road so there really is no excuse for parking in our car park.

I have written and displayed notices for the Primary School parents to clearly see and have also made a request to the Head Teacher that the notice is emailed to each family to ensure awareness.

On the other hand, please ensure that you do keep your own children safe in the car park.  Too often we observe children on one side of the parking area and parents on the other. Children are the Parent/Carers responsibility in the car park and we cannot be held responsible for any accidents caused.

Cars enter the car park at quite a speed sometimes and we do not wish for any harm to be caused.

I have requested that the Primary School cars are parked along the road or in the car park opposite (the new one that has been constructed).

We continue to monitor the situation and hope that there are improvements in this area.


If you buy online there is an easy way to support your preschool by going to easyfundraising.org.uk any small amount really helps.

From the Committee

A word from Hannah Pivonka, our Committee Chairperson…..

Run meeting

This is open to all. Taking place on Monday at 7:15 pm. If you have any comments or suggestions please let us know.

Committee Meeting

The next meeting is due to take place on Monday 16 January at 8pm please ask the Ladies or email chairmancheckendonpreschool@gmail.com. for more details. 


Checkendon Preschool is set up on EasyFundraising.org. So everytime you order online you could be raising valuable funds for your preschool.


If anyone has a particular knowledge of or interest in completing grant forms we would welcome your support.

We hope you enjoy the wintery weather.