3rd February Newsletter

Dates for Diary

Friday 10th February                  Half Term

Monday 20th February               School re-opens

Wednesday 22nd March              Mothers’ Day Coffee Morning  9.00-10.30

Wednesday 5th April                   Easter Bonnet Parade  9.00 to 10.00

Friday 7th April                           Last Day of term – 2 weeks holiday

Tuesday 17th April                       1st day of Summer term

Friday 14th July                            Last day of Summer term – Summer holiday

This week we have……

…continued completing our display boards which consist of snow and cold environment, opposites (animals which live in hot and cold climates), dinosaurs, a rainbow and Chinese New Year.

This week we learned how to write our names in Chinese – they are on display on a board with our giant rooster.

We have seen a huge selection of ‘opposites’ for Show and Tell this week – well done everyone.  This shows that you have really worked with us at home to think about what we are discovering here at Pre-School.

Thank you Jo (Hal’s Nanny) for singing ‘Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star’ with us – in Chinese.  She also sang ‘Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes’ and taught us simple words.   Using our microphones we recorded Jo so that we can listen to her singing and try to sing too!  It was lovely to listen to Jo as she speaks Mandarin so beautifully.  Thank you.

Sebby proudly recited the numbers 1-10 in Japanese too!  Well done Sebby!

The children are really making wonderful achievments – whether it is a development in self-confidence, writing words from memory, using new vocabulary, creating beautiful pieces of artwork, building friendships and displaying personalities that work so well together in the group.

We are making a “Wow” board where we will be able to display these achievments in written form or with their artwork or photos.

The Little Chefs produced delicious Pancake Rolls this week in celebration of Chinese New Year.

We are looking forward to continuing with our display boards next week: Friends and Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Easter and Spring.

Next week ‘Friendship Week’.  We will be taking the upcoming celebration Valentine’s Day and spreading the love at Pre-School!!

The children will make each other cards, share their thoughts and we will be playing group games, activities in pairs and so much more.


Show and Tell photographs and videos have been so interesting.  This involves the children in the use of technology and combines it with social interaction and communication.

Please do try to bring a Show and Tell item that is relevant to the theme – this really brings our themes to life and makes them even more understandable.

Children do not need to bring a ‘Show and Tell’ item every day.  It is just as important to be the audience and ask questions – in fact that is just what is needed!

Stories are a great idea – we always enjoy reading a new book and sharing it with our friends.


On Tuesday 7th February ALL the children in attendance will be cooking.

We will be working together to make a ‘Friendship Cake’ in celebration of Friendship week leading up to Valentine’s Day.

You do not need to contribute ingredients or bring anyting to take it home in – we will wrap it for you.


If you have any old rolls of wallpaper hidden away we would be able to use it here at Pre-School.  It is perfect for huge drawings and paintings – a great way to introduce mark-making to the children as they can use large physical movements.


The weather is very cold.  Please remember wellies, warm coats and gloves/mittens for the children.  If you have more than one pair of wellies here, please take home the pair that doesn’t fit – we only have a limited storage space.

Soft/indoor shoes must be worn at Pre-School and we will change in to boots for outdoor activities.

An extra layer in the form of a fleece or jumper is a good idea for indoors as the hall can be chilly sometimes.

Please ensure that your clothes bag is re-filled throughout the term, just in case…

   **** “Saturday Coffee Shop” ****

We are hosting a coffee shop on Saturday 4th March 10am-12noon in Checkendon Village Hall.

There will be homemade cakes, tea, coffee and soft drinks for everyone to enjoy.

All our friends and neighbours are welcome – we thought it would be lovely to introduce a friendly, inviting, sociable event to which everyone may come along and relax in the company of those who we may not chat to so often but simply pass by.  Who can resist a bit of a gossip over tea and cake?!

Or a nice hot drink and piece of cake after walking the dog….before a bracing walk….or an amble along the footpaths with the family….

 Whatever the reason – come along and enjoy some company!

The hall has free parking and plenty of space indoors and the cakes will be delicious!

Come along between 10 and 12 on the 4th March and hopefully this will be the first of many.

The Checkendon Run….SUNDAY 11th JUNE 2017

 Run meeting
This is our big fundraiser for the preschool and we would like to thank those sponsors already involved. Please book out the date:  Sunday 11 June 2017 in the diary.

We are looking forward to a new route this year which is bound to be an exciting and interesting one.

If anyone wishes to be involved in any aspect of the run, please contact our Chairperson, Hannah Pivonka on hannah@checkendonpreschool.co.uk


Committee meeting
Our meeting was held last Monday. Please contact Hannah if you’d like more information.

Community coffee morning
We are going hold our first ever coffee morning in the village hall one Saturday so please watch this space and the ladies in respect of help and cakes!

If you’d like to talk to the committee about how the preschool is run or have any issues please go contact any member. Their details are on the website.

Personal email


The last day of term before the summer holidays for Checkendon Pre-School CIO is Friday 14th July 2017.

We do close earlier than the Primary School due to the number of weeks for which we receive the Nursery Education Funding. We stay open for inset days due to the fact that we have a large number of children attending who do not have school attending siblings.

We appreciate that this is an earlier finishing date than the Primary School but we hope that with as much notice as we have given that plans can be made accordingly.

Kind regards,

Nina, Liz , Kelly, Harriet.