26th May 2017 Newsletter

Friday 26.05 Last Day of Term. Pre-School closed for one week for half term holiday.
Monday 05.06 First Day of new Term. We return to a sporty theme in preparation for Sports Day.
Thursday 08.06

Friday 09.06

Pre-School Closed – Elections – Village Hall used as Polling Station.

 Maypole Dancing at Checkendon Primary School – see below.

Sunday 11.06 Checkendon Pre-School Run – Fundraiser
Sunday 18.06 Annual Checkendon Village Hall Car Boot Sale 9.am-12 noon.
Wednesday 21.06

Friday 23.06

“The Big Toddle” – fundraising event – see below.

                                                                             CHECKENDON PRE-SCHOOL SPORTS DAY – 10am…………details to follow next term.

Friday 30.06 RESERVE Sports Day
Friday 14.07 Last day of 2017 school term.  Summer holidays begin before returning to Pre-School in September.

Checkendon Village Hall will be a Polling Station on the following date:

Thursday 8th June

Pre-School will be closed on the above date.

You will not be charged.  If your child usually attends a Thursday session and is funded then you may use those hours on an alternative day.  Please speak to Nina or Liz if you think this may apply to you.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your understanding.

Now that the Primary School choice has been determined it is an important aspect of school preparation to be able to undress and dress at a pretty speedy rate!  This, as in so many areas, is simply to enable the children to move on to the next art of their day promptly and efficiently.

Please bring shorts and a t-shirt in a named carrier bag.  If we may keep them here it would be most handy.  PLEASE NAME THE CLOTHES.

If we may keep the P.E kit here then it enables us to add active sessions throughout the week so that all the children are included.


As many of you will be aware, as a charitable organisation, Checkendon Pre-School CIO are able to receive a weekly donation of foodstuffs from Tesco in Henley-on-Thames.  The team at Tesco are also incredibly generous with non-food donations such as baby wipes and toys. With regards to this, please see below for a request from our committee:

25 May 2017

Dear Parents and Carers,

As a Charity run preschool we are lucky enough to be able to obtain free food every week from Tesco’s in Henley.

At the moment, the food is collected by Nina with the help of the committee on occasion.

All the children benefit from lovely fresh snacks every day and for us to continue to keep this relationship with Tesco’s we are asking for parents to volunteer to collect the food one Sunday every term.

We generally don’t ask parents to volunteer unless it’s for fundraising events, however, with Nina leaving we would like to ask for parents to help us so that we can continue with this lovely benefit.

A list of dates for collections after half term will be available in preschool. Please do sign up and an information sheet for collection will be provided.

Thank you for your continued support.

Kind regards


Checkendon CIO Committee

Below are a couple of pictures of this weeks’ donation.





MATHs Focus Weeks.

Activities and focus has been on Maths this week.  The children have been using the resources to sort, match, order, count forwards (up) and backwards (down).

We have worked in pairs, small groups and one to one.  Maths language has been concentrated on and the children have been encouraged to really think about using clear, concise language in their descriptions of what they are doing.

The weather has helped determine our maths activities this week.  The water trays have been well and truly used for so many activities – floating and sinking experiments, pouring, arranging channels to enable water to pour and run effectively enough to fill a container at the end, filling and emptying varying sizes of cups and containers.

We have had super fun and have thoroughly enjoyed being able to enjoy the early summer sun whilst staying safe in the shade.

Painting to music with Liz was enormous fun.  What a joy for us to see the children so free and relaxed.  Liz’s choice of music was a bit ‘rocky’ so the children enjoyed hearing this and dancing along whilst painting!  This is one of our favourite activities – the freedom that adding music offers to the fluidity of movement is fantastic.

Each child has grown a small pot of cress. The process of preparation, planting, and monitoring the growth has been practised individually.  Some of the children have even taught the ladies the process – this was very interesting and really gave the children a sense of pride to be able to teach a lady!

The cress is being grown in various conditions.  We are observing the growth of the cress in the dark, with and without water, in the warm and cold as well as with all of the above.

One tray will be used with the homemade bread to make delicious sandwiches – just right for the summer season ahead of us!!

Little Chefs

This week we were lucky enough to be Little Chefs twice!  We made bread rolls to enjoy eating with the cress we have grown.  Adding a hard-boiled egg (from our Tesco donation) to these, made a delicious snack to take home and make egg and cress sandwiches with.  It was lovely to see so many of these appearing in lunchboxes through the week!

We will be cooking on the first week of next term and we are busy planning the Little Chef’s recipes for next term so watch this space……we will inform you on Monday 5th June if you are cooking that week.


On Friday 9th June we will be joining Checkendon Primary School in celebration of Ascension Day.

This takes the form of Maypole dancing!

The children who are joining Checkendon Primary School are invited to join in with the dancing and will be performing a short display.

If you do not attend Pre-School on a Friday and are joining Checkendon Primary School in September, you are most welcome to join us to dance: Jacob, Wills, Dexter, Thomas, Maisie, Ava, Sebby, Eric.

If any of the above children would like to dance with us please be at Pre-School on Friday at 2.15.  Parents are very welcome to spectate!  We will be back at Pre-School at around 3.00pm.



Checkendon Pre-School has a Facebook page.  We use this to remind everyone and advertise events, celebrations, themes, activities and items to bring in.

We do not put any photographs of children on the page, and we ask the same of all our Facebook friends.  It is purely as an extra information tool for our families at Pre-School.

Please do visit the page.

You will see a post which advertises our next big fundraiser – The Checkendon Run on Sunday 11th June. Please, please share this post with anyone and everyone! It is a really lovely event which celebrates a popular sporting hobby as well as the beautiful countryside that we are all lucky enough to enjoy so closely.

We are hopeful that with plenty of sharing going on, more runners will enter the 10k and raise funds for our Pre-School.

Thank you for sharing everyone!

Barnardo’s Big Toddle Event.

On Wednesday 21st June at 10.00am we will be participating in the annual ‘Big Toddle’ to raise funds for the children’s charity Barnardo’s.

We will be ‘toddling’ around the main field in the village, just next to where we hold Sports Day.

The theme of this year’s toddle is ‘COLOURS’ so we all need to dress as brightly and as colourfully as we can.  There will be stickers and balloons to add to the occasion.

All children who attend on a Wednesday will be joining in – with or without sponsors – but let’s aim to raise a lovely amount of money for this worthwhile cause.

If you do not attend on a Wednesday, of course you may join us but will need a grown-up to come along too!

We will send home a sponsor form – this is voluntary – if you wish to ask family and friends to sponsor your child for each lap of the field completed then we would be most grateful.

We will raise money for children who are less fortunate than ourselves and we hope that by taking part we can encourage the children to recognise that there are children who have and do far less than we are able to.

As an extra activity, I wonder if each child would be able to choose a toy or book that they have grown out of to donate to a Barnardo’s charity shop.

If we are all able to bring along one item on Wednesday 21st June then I will take them to our nearest Barnardo’s shop.

Thank you for your participation.

Everyone is welcome to join the Village Hall Committee’s fundraiser detailed below.


Come to Sell or Buy- New and Old Stuff to Interest Everybody

The one BIG chance in the year to sell all those: surplus items, clutter, unwanted gifts, old masters, vintage clothing, kid’s toys, things they left with you when they left home, grannie’s china, antiques and stuff in your attic that you think might ‘come in’, but in reality never will, and has not since 1976 !   Trade stands are also most welcome. You never need to have done this before so no experience necessary.

Large tables ( provided) inside the Village Hall – £10.00 per pitch – ( must book)

Car Boots on the Recreation Ground opposite  – £5.00 per car   – ( just turn up, but we would like to know you need a space)

Set up from 8.00 a.m., Trade Stands welcome.

Bacon Sandwiches /tea etc available from the Village Hall

Proceeds in aid of the Checkendon Village Hall improvements.  (Reg Charity 304280)

 For more information or to book inside space contact     Mary Daniels  (e-mail preferred)   mary katherine@live.co.uk   or call/leave message on 01491 682169


The weather has now definitely warmed up!  So, suncream and sunhats are a must at Pre-School.

Each child needs to have a bottle of suncream here – with their name clearly written on the bottle/tube.

Please ensure that you do provide a suitable cream.  It is unfair for anyone to have to share this expensive necessity and we are unable to provide a universal ‘suitable for all skin types’ cream.

Please sign the sheet to give us permission to apply the cream – it is on the wall in the entrance hall.

We do, however, have a selection of sunhats here.  This enables the children to pick a hat before going outside from the basket – so if you forget a hat, don’t worry!!


Please try to regularly bring your child’s purple communication diary to Pre-School – at least once a week if possible.

These are a vital tool for us to monitor children’s achievements and adventures from home and their life outside Pre-School.  We are then able to complete each individual’s learning profile and build up a full picture of their development.

Please do try to return them.  Thank you.


Any item deemed suitable for ‘Show and Tell’ is always a delight to see.  We will make time through the week for as much ‘Show and Tell’ as possible – whatever it is.

Show and Tell photographs and videos have been so interesting.  This involves the children in the use of technology and combines it with social interaction and communication.  Emailed photographs are always welcome as a ‘Show and Tell’ item.

Children do not need to bring a ‘Show and Tell’ item every day.  It is just as important to be the audience and ask questions – in fact that is just what is needed!

Stories are a great idea – we always enjoy reading a new book and sharing it with our friends.

If you have more than one pair of wellies here, please take home the pair that doesn’t fit – we only have a limited storage space.

Soft/indoor shoes must be worn at Pre-School and we will change in to boots for outdoor activities.

An extra layer in the form of a fleece or jumper is a good idea for indoors as the hall can be chilly sometimes.

Please ensure that your clothes bag is re-filled throughout the term, just in case…


We would like the children to wear indoor shoes or slippers during Pre-School please.

Our carpets/rugs are becoming quite marked due to mud on shoes.

We also request that if parents have muddy boots on, please try to avoid the carpets in the main hall.  Thank you to the parents who have kindly removed muddy boots – very much appreciated.


We are nearing the end of the Spring term.

Please ensure that bills are fully paid by Friday 7th April.  This includes payments for extra sessions attended. Do check with Liz or Nina if you need to know if you have any outstanding payments.

Thank you.


We are aware that due to having to travel to Pre-School sometimes children may be collected after the end of the sessions- 11.30/12.30/3.30.

We require a ‘late pick up’ fee to be paid if you arrive past the end of the session.

The same fee applies if children are dropped earlier than the beginning of a session.  Our Breakfast Club begins at 7.30am, morning session 8.30am, lunch at 11.30am and afternoon at 12.30pm.

The Breakfast Club session begins at 7.30am – no earlier – due to the fact that we have the room to set up.

The fee is £1.25 for each 15 minutes or part of 15 minutes after the end of session.

So between 3.30 and 3.45 the fee is £1.25 but then increases to £2.50 between 3.45 and 4.00….

The late collection fee stands even if you have telephoned to inform us that you will be late.

Please pay cash on the day or as soon after as possible.

We do not like having to ask for this which is why we do ask you to be prompt in your collection. 

 Thank you for your understanding.


The Checkendon Run….SUNDAY 11th JUNE 2017


Run meeting
This is our big fundraiser for the preschool and we would like to thank those sponsors already involved. Please book out the date:  Sunday 11 June 2017 in the diary.


We are looking forward to a new route this year which is bound to be an exciting and interesting one.


COMMITTEE NEWS Please see below for a few notes from our Chairperson, Hannah Pivonka.



We are looking for sponsors to cover the costs of the race – this is a fund raiser and therefore, any costs we can re-coup the better. Even only £50 will go a long way .
This is our big fundraiser for the preschool and we would like to thank those sponsors already involved. Please book out the date:  Sunday 11 June 2017 in the diary.

If anyone wishes to be involved in any aspect of the run, please contact our Chairperson, Hannah Pivonka.

We are looking forward to a new route this year which is bound to be an exciting and interesting one.

Committee meeting

The next committee meeting will be held on Tuesday 20th June at 8pm. If you would like to attend or have an item for discussion please contact Hannah or another member of the committee (Sue Viney, Charlotte Nicholl, Vicki Thomas, Heidi Shuttleworth).


The last day of term before the summer holidays for Checkendon Pre-School CIO is Friday 14th July 2017.

We do close earlier than the Primary School due to the number of weeks for which we receive the Nursery Education Funding. We stay open for inset days due to the fact that we have a large number of children attending who do not have school attending siblings.

We appreciate that this is an earlier finishing date than the Primary School but we hope that with as much notice as we have given that plans can be made accordingly.

Kind regards,

Nina, Liz, Kelly, Harriet.