A.G.M. 2016

Annual General Meeting  NOVEMBER 2016.

Leader’s Report

2016 has seen new ventures for Checkendon Pre-School CIO.

The Breakfast Club continues to see increased attendance – mainly from Checkendon Primary School families.  We are delighted that we have children joining us for either Breakfast Club or early starts every day.

Our involvement with the FareShare Scheme in conjunction with Tesco is proving to be a huge success.  A weekly collection from the Henley branch of bakery, chilled and fresh goods is aimed at local Charities and enables the children to benefit from a wide selection of edible items.

We were the 1st prize winners in a window display competition – again in conjunction with Tesco, Henley-on-Thames.  The children produced a wonderful display following the theme of ‘Happy, Healthy Harvest’.  We are delighted to be so involved with a local business such as Tesco.  Following our success we have been in both the Henley Standard and the Henley Herald newspapers during October/November.

It is vital for Checkendon Pre-School CIO to be involved in the local community and for us to be ‘seen’ in the local press.  We are aware that by using the press and by our fundraising events we will raise our profile and, hopefully, increase our numbers of children.

Fundraising this year has also seen a change.  The ‘Fun Run’ was a new event and did raise some funds for Pre-School.  More importantly, it is an event that can and will increase in size.  A committee has been formed specifically to increase awareness of the run using social media and local advertising.

We have also raised funds this year by holding small events such as cake sales and raffles.  The sale of refreshments at events such as Nativity and Easter celebrations has enabled us to increase our fundraising.

We also joined in with the main fundraising event at Checkendon Primary School this year.  The Firework evening is always well attended and our committee held a stall of games there to raise funds.

All in all, 2016 has been a very successful fundraising year for Checkendon Pre-School CIO.

We currently have four staff members, three of whom are full time and one part time member.

One staff member is completing the final year at University to gain the EYTS qualification.  Staff have completed the required Paediatric First Aid training.

Our relationship with the Village Hall Committee is very positive.  We take care of the premises during the week, ensuring that it is ready at the end of each day for hall hirers.

The boards that have been provided are always filled with bright, colourful art work that the children have created.  The village hall provides us with space and light whilst the children provide the colour!

November 2016 children on register: 18

November 2016 Breakfast Club: 7 (plus extra attendance on ad hoc basis).

January 2017 children on register: 20


Treasurers report 1 September 2015 to 31 Aug 2016

The year September 2015 to end Aug 2016 had the finances of the Preschool end in a positive figure. As always, it was a little tough during the Summer months, when expenditure generally exceeds income, but with the positive Fundraising event of the Fun Run and the added revenue generated by Preschool fund raising events, all ended well.

Thanks to all for the support of keeping costs down and the fundraising going.

The official accounts will be prepared for us in time for submission to the charity commission.



Hannah Pivonka, Chair, November 2015 to present day

  1. General overview

Thank you to the staff and committee members for productive, albeit difficult and challenging year. There are many achievements that we can be proud of including the happy children that passed their various primary schools last year and the ones that continue to attend the school. We must acknowledge that we need to increase attendance numbers, particularly as it appears that the Government are keen to push through increasing the number of ‘free’ hours from 15 to 30 hours per week, thereby reducing the total amount in fees the school will obtain next year at current levels.

  1. Personnel
    1. Contracts – new contracts were provided to staff alongside a new employee handbook
    2. Kelly successfully was accepted on to Early Year Teaching training and participates on a weekly basis for which we have funding to cover additional staff cost.
    3. Additional staff member employed to cover the busy periods on an ad-hoc basis.
  1. Committee
    1. We have a full complement of committee members including treasurer, chairperson, secretary and two extra members
  1. Village hall       
    1. Relationship is brilliant and we couldn’t have asked for more in their cooperation
    2. Fee for the licence rebate was successfully negotiated by treasurer. Ongoing negotiations regarding the fee. It is to be noted that we are currently paying market fee for this type of use.
  1. Breakfast club
    1. This year we are pleased to note that this is a successful enterprise to the preschool by providing valuable funds and an excellent resource to the primary school
    2. Staff are now being paid for their time.
  1. Sponsorship
    1. Warmingham’s provided good sponsorship this year in return for the banner and provided an additional sum for the Run (see later)
    2. More work required to obtain alternative sponsorship and/or resources to the preschool from larger companies.
  1. Marketing – more can be done to increase numbers
    1. Website was revamped and updated for free by Chairperson’s parent.
    2. Banner continues to be displayed on the village hall
    3. Web listings:
      1. Netmums
      2. Oxfordshire Family Information Directory
  • Day nurseries
  1. Facebook – developed our own profile page and continue to update it
  2. Facebook – Caversham gossip girls / Wonderful Woodcote / Henley parents
  1. Parents newsletter introduced this year to much appreciation
  2. New leaflets drafted and distributed
  3. Publications – Checkendon newsletter / Woocote Correspondence / Henley Standard
  4. Run – increased knowledge of preschool
  1. Fundraising
    1. There were a few small fundraisers throughout the year which included:
      1. Nativity Play – mince pies and coffee
      2. Sports day – silent auction
  • Halloween – coffee morning, face painting, cake sale
  1. Fireworks night at primary school – many ideas
  1. Easyfundraising– there is ample opportunity here to raise easy money
  2. Run – first largescale organised event. Many local firms provided sponsorship and competitors entered providing fees and funds – total amount raised over £500. Next event is 12 June 17 – which will be bigger and better.
  1. New enterprises

This year we will work to identify new areas to gain income and to increase the profile of the preschool. Some ideas are to provide an afterschool club within the primary school and a holiday club – more market research required.