10th March 2017 Newsletter

WEDNESDAY 22nd MARCH MOTHER’S DAY COFFEE MORNING 9.00-10.30 Everybody welcome!
FRIDAY 7 APRIL LAST DAY OF Spring Term – two weeks Easter holiday.


Dressing up to celebrate WORLD BOOK DAY:  Dennis the Menace, a Cowboy, Princesses, Storm Troopers and the ‘Room on the Broom Witch all joined us.  We enjoyed sharing and listening to stories together and celebrating Literacy.

We have made the pages of the Henley Standard – check out the photographs of us in this week’s edition!


The Little Chef group made delicious Flower Biscuits this week. They were crispy, crunchy biscuits and very tasty. We are very proud of our Little Chefs for making such yummy biscuits.

See below for what next week’s Little Chefs are making…….

NEXT WEEK (Tuesday 14 March) the next group of LITTLE CHEFS WILL BE MAKING:


The Little Chefs next week are:



Please bring a suitable lidded container for the biscuits to travel home in.

We have mixed music and physical learning and enjoyed an action and dancing P.E session this week.  Instruments were played and rhythms used when moving around the room.  There were even disco lights provided by Sebby!

We will be making musical instruments this term use to make rhythms – using our names and favourite foods as a starting point when sounding out the syllables using our knees as drums.  We continue to make rhythms whilst we sing – which we are practising more than ever in readiness for a surprise later in the term…….

The children have been decorating water bottles to use as shakers.

We continue to learn some brand new songs which we will showcase at out Mother’s Day Coffee Morning on Wednesday 22nd March.  The hall will be decorated with flowers and pictures drawn by the children – you may even recognise the subjects of the paintings!

Thank you for contributing to our ‘junk modelling’ collection.  We are using the boxes and packages to create models using our imaginations, sharing our ideas and helping each other.


The children are really making wonderful achievements – whether it is a development in self-confidence, writing words from memory, using new vocabulary, creating beautiful pieces of artwork, building friendships and displaying personalities that work so well together in the group.

We are making a “Wow” board where we will be able to display these achievements in written form or with their artwork or photos.

We will be celebrating the arrival of Spring this term – building up to Easter and Mother’s Day, which always both provide us with opportunities to share our decorating skills and creative ideas!!  Our Easter Bonnet parade enables you to show us what you can do and there are bound to be treats and surprises when it comes to celebrating our Mummies!

We have started to paint some flowers for a display as well as pictures of ourselves for a new Birthday Board.

The display boards will slowly change throughout the term as the children produce more and more colourful artwork to celebrate Spring, Easter and Mother’s Day.


We are thinking about Mummy this term in the lead up to Mother’s Day on Sunday 24th March.

We would love to see photos of Mummy/Grandma/Great Grandma to encourage discussion and sharing of information between the children.  Please bring an actual photo or copy of one – we will not print them from an email.  We will not cut them or stick them – they will be looked after and returned in one piece.

Following an interesting discussion yesterday with Gabriel and Thomas, about trains, I would like to see ‘Show and Tell’ items about trains.  Not just ‘Thomas The Tank Engine’ trains but photos, books, stories – anything to do with trains.

Of course, any item deemed suitable for ‘Show and Tell’ is always a delight to see.  We will make time through the week for as much ‘Show and Tell’ as possible – whatever it is.

Show and Tell photographs and videos have been so interesting.  This involves the children in the use of technology and combines it with social interaction and communication.  Emailed photographs are always welcome as a ‘Show and Tell’ item.

Children do not need to bring a ‘Show and Tell’ item every day.  It is just as important to be the audience and ask questions – in fact that is just what is needed!

Stories are a great idea – we always enjoy reading a new book and sharing it with our friends.

PAPER – Thank you Lisa Browne for the amazing roll of paper/card, We look forward to using this in a huge, dramatic way!

If you have any old rolls of wallpaper hidden away we would be able to use it here at Pre-School.  It is perfect for huge drawings and paintings – a great way to introduce mark-making to the children as they can use large physical movements.


The weather still a bit chilly so please remember wellies, warm coats and gloves/mittens for the children.  If you have more than one pair of wellies here, please take home the pair that doesn’t fit – we only have a limited storage space.

Soft/indoor shoes must be worn at Pre-School and we will change in to boots for outdoor activities.

An extra layer in the form of a fleece or jumper is a good idea for indoors as the hall can be chilly sometimes.

Please ensure that your clothes bag is re-filled throughout the term, just in case…

We would like the children to wear indoor shoes or slippers during Pre-School please.

Our carpets/rugs are becoming quite marked due to mud on shoes.

We also request that if parents have muddy boots on, please try to avoid the carpets.  Thank you to the parents who have kindly removed muddy boots – very much appreciated.


 We are aware that due to having to travel to Pre-School sometimes children may be collected after the end of the sessions- 11.30/12.30/3.30.

 We require a ‘late pick up’ fee to be paid if you arrive past the end of the session.

The same fee applies if children are dropped earlier than the beginning of a session.  Our Breakfast Club begins at 7.30am, morning session 8.30am, lunch at 11.30am and afternoon at 12.30pm.

 The Breakfast Club session begins at 7.30am – no earlier – due to the fact that we have the room to set up.

The fee is £1.25 for each 15 minutes or part of 15 minutes after the end of session.

So between 3.30 and 3.45 the fee is £1.25 but then increases to £2.50 between 3.45 and 4.00….

The late collection fee stands even if you have telephoned to inform us that you will be late.

Please pay cash on the day or as soon after as possible.

 We do not like having to ask for this which is why we do ask you to be prompt in your collection. 

 Thank you for your understanding.

 **** “Saturday Coffee Shop” ****

 Thank you to Charlotte Nicholl,  Alexandra West and Nigel Bloxham for your help at the Coffee Shop last Saturday morning.

 There was a steady flow of visitors and a deliecious selection of cakes – thank you to all who contributed.

 We did raise approx. £70 and, even more importantly we provided a meeting place for the villagers of Checkendon – somewhere relaxing to spend an hour or so whilst enjoying fresh coffee and cake.  What could be better as a start to the weekend!?

 A note from Liz…….

 In recognition and celebration of the 25 years of service that Liz has given Checkendon Pre-School CIO, she received a gift of Theatre Tokens from the Parents this year.

I am delighted to pass on the news that Liz has booked tickets to see ‘Wicked’ during the Easter holidays.  She passes on her thanks for the generous gift and is looking forward to seeing this amazing show.

The Checkendon Run….SUNDAY 11th JUNE 2017

Run meeting
This is our big fundraiser for the preschool and we would like to thank those sponsors already involved. Please book out the date:  Sunday 11 June 2017 in the diary.

We are looking forward to a new route this year which is bound to be an exciting and interesting one.

COMMITTEE NEWS Please see below for a few notes from our Chairperson, Hannah Pivonka.


We are looking for sponsors to cover the costs of the race – this is a fund raiser and therefore, any costs we can re-coup the better. Even only £50 will go a long way .

This is our big fundraiser for the preschool and we would like to thank those sponsors already involved. Please book out the date:  Sunday 11 June 2017 in the diary.

If anyone wishes to be involved in any aspect of the run, please contact our Chairperson, Hannah Pivonka.

We are looking forward to a new route this year which is bound to be an exciting and interesting one.

Coffee morning

Thank you to Nina, Charlotte and Ali (and Hannah’s dad) for setting up and serving at the Coffee morning. Also, thank you to the bakers and attendees we raised a fantastic £70 and therefore, will be looking to do another one at the beginning of the Summer term.

Committee meeting

The next committee meeting will be held on 27 March at 8pm in the village hall. If you would like to attend or have an item for discussion please contact Hannah or another member of the committee.

Please read below for a fundraising request from one of our families……

On Sunday April 23rd April 2017 my husband Ben Chaffey  (Judes Dad) will be running the Virgin London Marathon  (26.2 miles) for a fantastic charity called ‘Get Kids Going’ – this charity enables children and young adults to participate in sports and in some cases the paralympics! 

We are holding a Bingo and Disco (Adults only) on Friday 31st March and will be selling the tickets for £10 each, if anyone would like you come it’ll be at 730pm Didcot Football Club. At the event we will be drawing the raffle I have been organising. The tickets are selling for £1 each. Here is a list of the fabulous prizes you could win……


Payment in cash, PayPal or bank transfer. 
All sales are going to the charity ‘Get Kids Going’

 Miele Complete C2 Cat&Dog Vacuum (worth £200+)
 Hadden Hill Golf Club – 18 hole round of golf for 4 people (Worth £100)
 Zumba Fitness with Mel – 10 class pass! (Worth £40) 
 5 day Full Circle Sports Activity Camp voucher (worth £160)
 The Fitness Barn – Cholsey – 1 months membership
 Nando’s Restaurant Voucher 
 2 Vue Cinema Adult Tickets x 2 sets
 FLYMO Mini Trim ST (worth £20)
 Gareth Clark Barbers – 2x Mens Haircuts 1x ‘The Works’ voucher
 C&N Autos Air Con Gas Top up or MOT test (worth £55)
 Lola Lashes Voucher (worth  £40)
 Pizza Cafe – Large Pizza (worth £15)
 2 Luxury Homemade Chocolate Cakes (worth £40 each)
 Daisy Doo’s Box of Hair accessories 
 Jessica Jewels 
 MoroccanOil Haircare Set (worth £18)
My PayPal details are as follows – charlotteharvey1984@hotmail.com  – please pay ‘friends and family’

All proceeds will be donated to the charity.

Here is the link to Ben’s Virgin London Marathon page for anyone who would like to donate to this worthy cause.


The last day of term before the summer holidays for Checkendon Pre-School CIO is Friday 14th July 2017.

 We do close earlier than the Primary School due to the number of weeks for which we receive the Nursery Education Funding. We stay open for inset days due to the fact that we have a large number of children attending who do not have school attending siblings.

 We appreciate that this is an earlier finishing date than the Primary School but we hope that with as much notice as we have given that plans can be made accordingly.

Kind regards,

Nina, Liz, Kelly, Harriet.

12th May Newsletter



Date: 12/05/16

27 May End of Summer Term (5)
6 June Start of Summer Term (6)
18 June RUN – all hands to deck (field)
1 JULY Sports Day – 10.00am – 1.00pm DETAILS TO FOLLOW
15 July End of Summer Term (6)



What have we been learning this week?


This week has been rather eventful – mainly due to the weather!


We have enjoyed playing indoors and outdoors, using the enclosed car park.  The children have been using the resources to enhance their learning of numbers and colours as well as the world around us.    


We have made paper boats, doll puppets and cherry blossom paintings using vegetables to print with. 


As the weather just got wetter and wetter we were lucky enough that Trey discovered that his garden was home to many, many snails!

We welcomed those snails to Pre-School with open arms and amidst the rain and the muggy heat we all indulged in a bit of snail racing! 

Each snail was chosen and named, a tasty leaf picked as an incentive to race and then they were off!  The car park was an arena of cheers and support for our snails as they raced to victory.  On the second day of rain we added an obstacle course for the snails to manoeuvre up and over – a test of strength and agility!

The racing was so much fun – thank you to Trey and his Mum and Dad who kindly babysat the snails each night.



This week we continued to build our stories; using our imagination and creativity to produce our storybooks.  Some detailed and imaginative pictures have been produced and made into books.

Well done Transformers.


Next week the Transformers will need to bring a P.E kit please (a t-shirt, shorts and a change of shoes and socks) for their activity on Tuesday afternoon.  Please pop these items into a clearly named carrier bag.



In the entrance hall there is a box each for hats and cream.  The form to sign for permission to apply cream is ready to sign.  Please do so when you bring cream in.  Thank you.



On a Wednesday afternoon we hold a P.E session – physical games and activities.  If your child attends this session please provide a set of shorts and t-shirt for them to change in to.  The move on to Primary School will include undressing and dressing at a good speed for P.E lessons so the more we practise now, the better. 



Liz, Vicki and their cooking group will be making ‘Royal Biscuits’ next week in the shape Kings and Queens.


Thank you to Imogen’s family for the ongoing collection of stamps.  Luckily there is still someone who receives letters in the post!  We are looking forward to using them to create a collage in celebration of the Queen’s 90th birthday.




I can only apologies for any congestion in the village hall car park, especially at the end of the school day.

Despite reminders that the car park is for village hall users only, we are aware that many Primary School families do use it as a convenient and easy place to park.

I will, again, request that a reminder is placed in the Primary School newsletter.



We are in the planning stages of a planting scheme for our raised bed located in the grounds of the Primary School.

Over the next week or so the children will plant it out and observe the growth of the plants.

Will it be flowers or vegetables or a mix of both……….we’ll soon find out!


*Please return your purple communication diaries as often as you can.  They are a delightful read and are vital in our gathering of information for each child’s learning journal.


*If you have been given a likes and dislikes form please return it as soon as you can – if you haven’t done so already.


Thank you,

Nina, Liz and Kelly.



Monday A.M – Gardening

Tuesday A.M – Cooking with Liz and Vicki.

Tuesday P.M – Transformers

Wednesday P.M – P.E

Thursday A.M – French

Friday A.M – Transformers – Experimental Activities

Committee news

The preschool is a parent run preschool and they are volunteers. Any support you feel you can provide will be appreciated.   We have recently welcomed Vicki Thomas on to our committee.  If you would like to join us in support of Pre-School and be a committee member, please come and have a chat to Nina.  We look forward to welcoming new committee members – it’s a great way to have a say in your child’s early education and can be great fun too!



The signs are up – thank you to all for the offers of support it is much appreciated. We will be getting touch closer to the time with a list to sign up to but please bear in mind that we will need a few cakes from you if nothing else!


Secondly, we are looking for a tea and coffee van or a generator so that we can provide hot drinks – Anyone that can beg borrow (please don’t steal) one we would really appreciate it.



The next committee meeting is due to be held on 24 May 2016. Everyone is welcome. If you have any ideas or something you would like raised please contact either Hannah or Nina.

Details of the Fun Run now available

I’m delighted to say that the planning for our Fun Run is well under way and details of the entry options are available on the fun run web page .

It’ll be a great day out, so do please join in;  even my Dad reckons he could do it, although he does say that he’ll need an under 5 year old to accompany him!

Any questions, please do get in touch: runsecretary@checkendonpreschool.co.uk

See you there!