Policies, Procedures and Guidance.

Policies and procedures

10.1 Early Years Prospectus April 2018

10.1b Privacy Notice NEW April 2018

10.2 Admissions Policy Updated April 2018

10.4 Registration form Updated April 2018

10.5 Parental Involvement Updated April 2018

10.6 Childrens Records April 2018

10.7 Provider Records April 2018

10.9 Confidentiality and Client Access to Records April 2018

10.10 Information Sharing April 2018

10.11 Working in Partnership with Other Agencies April 2018

10.12 Making a Complaint Updated April 2018

10.13 Childcare Terms and Conditions April 2018

Government Documents



Parents guide and permission slip for Tapestry

Tapestry Policy

Tapestry securitypolicy

All documents are also available in a hard copy at Pre-School. You can request to see a copy from any member of staff.