3rd February Newsletter

Dates for Diary

Friday 10th February                  Half Term

Monday 20th February               School re-opens

Wednesday 22nd March              Mothers’ Day Coffee Morning  9.00-10.30

Wednesday 5th April                   Easter Bonnet Parade  9.00 to 10.00

Friday 7th April                           Last Day of term – 2 weeks holiday

Tuesday 17th April                       1st day of Summer term

Friday 14th July                            Last day of Summer term – Summer holiday

This week we have……

…continued completing our display boards which consist of snow and cold environment, opposites (animals which live in hot and cold climates), dinosaurs, a rainbow and Chinese New Year.

This week we learned how to write our names in Chinese – they are on display on a board with our giant rooster.

We have seen a huge selection of ‘opposites’ for Show and Tell this week – well done everyone.  This shows that you have really worked with us at home to think about what we are discovering here at Pre-School.

Thank you Jo (Hal’s Nanny) for singing ‘Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star’ with us – in Chinese.  She also sang ‘Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes’ and taught us simple words.   Using our microphones we recorded Jo so that we can listen to her singing and try to sing too!  It was lovely to listen to Jo as she speaks Mandarin so beautifully.  Thank you.

Sebby proudly recited the numbers 1-10 in Japanese too!  Well done Sebby!

The children are really making wonderful achievments – whether it is a development in self-confidence, writing words from memory, using new vocabulary, creating beautiful pieces of artwork, building friendships and displaying personalities that work so well together in the group.

We are making a “Wow” board where we will be able to display these achievments in written form or with their artwork or photos.

The Little Chefs produced delicious Pancake Rolls this week in celebration of Chinese New Year.

We are looking forward to continuing with our display boards next week: Friends and Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Easter and Spring.

Next week ‘Friendship Week’.  We will be taking the upcoming celebration Valentine’s Day and spreading the love at Pre-School!!

The children will make each other cards, share their thoughts and we will be playing group games, activities in pairs and so much more.


Show and Tell photographs and videos have been so interesting.  This involves the children in the use of technology and combines it with social interaction and communication.

Please do try to bring a Show and Tell item that is relevant to the theme – this really brings our themes to life and makes them even more understandable.

Children do not need to bring a ‘Show and Tell’ item every day.  It is just as important to be the audience and ask questions – in fact that is just what is needed!

Stories are a great idea – we always enjoy reading a new book and sharing it with our friends.


On Tuesday 7th February ALL the children in attendance will be cooking.

We will be working together to make a ‘Friendship Cake’ in celebration of Friendship week leading up to Valentine’s Day.

You do not need to contribute ingredients or bring anyting to take it home in – we will wrap it for you.


If you have any old rolls of wallpaper hidden away we would be able to use it here at Pre-School.  It is perfect for huge drawings and paintings – a great way to introduce mark-making to the children as they can use large physical movements.


The weather is very cold.  Please remember wellies, warm coats and gloves/mittens for the children.  If you have more than one pair of wellies here, please take home the pair that doesn’t fit – we only have a limited storage space.

Soft/indoor shoes must be worn at Pre-School and we will change in to boots for outdoor activities.

An extra layer in the form of a fleece or jumper is a good idea for indoors as the hall can be chilly sometimes.

Please ensure that your clothes bag is re-filled throughout the term, just in case…

   **** “Saturday Coffee Shop” ****

We are hosting a coffee shop on Saturday 4th March 10am-12noon in Checkendon Village Hall.

There will be homemade cakes, tea, coffee and soft drinks for everyone to enjoy.

All our friends and neighbours are welcome – we thought it would be lovely to introduce a friendly, inviting, sociable event to which everyone may come along and relax in the company of those who we may not chat to so often but simply pass by.  Who can resist a bit of a gossip over tea and cake?!

Or a nice hot drink and piece of cake after walking the dog….before a bracing walk….or an amble along the footpaths with the family….

 Whatever the reason – come along and enjoy some company!

The hall has free parking and plenty of space indoors and the cakes will be delicious!

Come along between 10 and 12 on the 4th March and hopefully this will be the first of many.

The Checkendon Run….SUNDAY 11th JUNE 2017

 Run meeting
This is our big fundraiser for the preschool and we would like to thank those sponsors already involved. Please book out the date:  Sunday 11 June 2017 in the diary.

We are looking forward to a new route this year which is bound to be an exciting and interesting one.

If anyone wishes to be involved in any aspect of the run, please contact our Chairperson, Hannah Pivonka on hannah@checkendonpreschool.co.uk


Committee meeting
Our meeting was held last Monday. Please contact Hannah if you’d like more information.

Community coffee morning
We are going hold our first ever coffee morning in the village hall one Saturday so please watch this space and the ladies in respect of help and cakes!

If you’d like to talk to the committee about how the preschool is run or have any issues please go contact any member. Their details are on the website.

Personal email


The last day of term before the summer holidays for Checkendon Pre-School CIO is Friday 14th July 2017.

We do close earlier than the Primary School due to the number of weeks for which we receive the Nursery Education Funding. We stay open for inset days due to the fact that we have a large number of children attending who do not have school attending siblings.

We appreciate that this is an earlier finishing date than the Primary School but we hope that with as much notice as we have given that plans can be made accordingly.

Kind regards,

Nina, Liz , Kelly, Harriet.




11th November Newsletter

Friday 09 Dec 9.30am NATIVITY.  All welcome to come along and watch.
Sunday 11 Dec 2.30pm Christmas Lunch Shopping with Nina !
Wednesday 14 Dec Children’s Christmas Party. 9.30am start – 12.30pm.  All children very welcome.
Friday 16 Dec

Tuesday 03 Dec

Last day of term. Christmas Holiday.

First day of new term.  NO INSET DAY FOR PRE-SCHOOL.

We have been busy this week……………….

This week we have been busy making lanterns and decorating Rangoli patterns in celebration of the Hindu Festival of Light; Diwali.

This has enabled us to continue practicing our cutting skills and to enjoy using the creative area.  We all have our favourite toys, games and areas that we like to spend time with but it is important that we direct the children to try a variety of activities which they may not necessarily choose to do.  Following the making of lanterns and patterns we have noticed that many of the boys have ventured freely into the creative area and produced some exciting and creative works of art.  The pride which they feel from drawing pictures, painting and being creative with art materials is so wonderful to see.  This naturally progresses to the creation of numbers and letters, writing and reading. 

The activity of using our fingers to write letters in the sand has been popular this week.  We have found initial letters of our own names and of our friends as well as matching letter sounds to items we can find around the room. We have also enjoyed working as a group to complete large floor puzzles and to use the big boxes to build and explore.

We have enjoyed exercises during P.E, on Thursday Kelly continued to practise French with the children, we have cooked, painted, cut, built, read, listened, danced, explored, laughed, chatted and so much more this week.  Every week the children continue to amaze and delight!

We are now well in to the school year and have noticed that the children are working so well together as a group.  This takes time to achieve at the beginning of each school year.  When the school leavers have moved on, the dynamics change and each child has to find their place within the group.  During this week we have all noticed a change and an acceptance of each other.  The conversations the children have,  show that they are genuinely interested in each other, they are showing pride and respect for their own and each other’s interests and are making firm friends.

Well done everyone!


We would like to welcome Harriet Waggett – Mummy of former Checkendon Pre-School friend, Sam. 

Harriet is helping Liz and Nina every Wednesday and is also with us three more times during the week to ensure smooth running of our ship!

It is lovely to have you with us Harriet.

Thank you to our committee members who have stepped in during the term to help us – you have given us your spare, child-free time and we really do appreciate your help.


Next week’s chefs are:

ERIC      THOMAS       CLIO   JUDE  


You will be making banana cakes.  Please bring a suitable container in which to take them home safely.


As you may know, we have joined the Fareshare scheme in conjunction with the Henley branch of Tesco.

This means that we collect a weekly donation of bakery, chilled and fresh goods from Tesco for the children to consume throughout the week.

Due to the wonderful amount and variety that we do collect, at this present time we would like you to lessen your contributions to the snack bowl.  We are so lucky to receive all the food items from Tesco and we hope that this may continue for a long time but it does mean that we have so much food!!

Thank you for your contributions to the snack bowl.  Your help has always been appreciated by us all.

We are in the news….

Do pick up a copy of this week’s Henley Standard – we are in the news!

On the gallery page there is a photograph and an editorial of us receiving our ‘Happy, Healthy Harvest’ window competition prize from the Tesco representative.


Next week we will venture into the realms of Christmas with the children.  If there is anything that you would like us to include in our celebrations, or not, please let us know.

We have five weeks in which to make decorations, build festive wall displays, sing songs, practise Nativity and so much more.  But please note that we build up as the weeks go by – we will not be sending the children home next week counting down the sleeps!

We are all looking forward to the Nativity on Friday the 9th December.  A casting session has taken place!  Next week we will try out the children in their parts which may lead to a few changes so in next week’s newsletter we will inform you of the part that your child will take in the Nativity followed by any costume requirements.

Nativity will be performed by the children who are moving on to Primary School in 2017. We are looking forward to painting scenery this year – our plan is to build Bethlehem using the Tesco boxes and fairy lights!  It is a very exciting time and we are looking forward to this very important event.

As usual, you are all more than welcome to come along and watch the performance.  Please do bring family along with you – the more the merrier.  I think our Nativities have gained a bit of a reputation so it is definitely a date for your diaries!

Our Pre-School committee members will be selling warm drinks and mince pies before the show begins so do bring some pennies along to support our fundraising efforts.

The Christmas Party and lunch is for ALL the children in attendance at Checkendon Pre-School.

This is the best chance to put on party clothes and celebrate the festive season in style! We are so excited to welcome Jester Giggles this year as well as Father Christmas, followed by a delicious Christmas Dinner.


Friday 16th December is “National Christmas Jumper Day.”  If you would like to send your child to Pre-School wearing a Christmas jumper, please do!  This doesn’t have to be on one day – Christmas jumpers are fun to wear throughout December!  Kelly has a collection of them at home so she will be joining in with the jumper fun!!

Christmas Jumper Day is an official fundraising day for Save The Children Charity – a fantastic reason to wear a Christmas Jumper at any time.


Halloween Week was a huge success, followed by our stall of games at the Primary School Firework Night.

From the sale of cakes which you all generously baked, the cake competition, face painting and the firework stall you raised a total of £260 in one week!  Thank you so much everyone.

The children had so much fun, dressed up, danced, played spooky games and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

If you buy online there is an easy way to support your preschool by going to easyfundraising.org.uk any small amount really helps.

Spare Clothes

Please ensure that your child has at least one whole outfit of spare clothes in the bag that Checkendon Pre-School has provided.  We use our own bags to free up some space in the cloakroom area which we know is rather limited.


11th July Newsletter

Friday 15 July Last day of summer term. 
Monday 5 September First day of autumn term.


  • Fun and games outside – at last the weather has been consistent, enabling us to spend longer periods of time outside.
  • The Primary School children joined us on Wednesday and built an obstacle course outside. It was great fun and quite a challenge to complete the course.
  • Primary School visits have continued this week. We are delighted to report that all visits have been a resounding success and that the children are looking forward to joining their new schools in September.
  • The Transformers had fun matching and sorting this week – using each other’s shoes and socks! Not only did they have to find their own but also their friends belongings too!
  • ‘Show and Tell’ has been interesting this week – some interests have been shared and following some great outings at home, photos and experiences have been shared. Imogen’s trip to the Gruffalo Woods in Surrey was caused particular excitement!
  • We are winding down now in readiness for the holidays which begin on Monday 18th July – our last day at Pre-School is Friday 15th Next week we look forward to our Pyjama party on Tuesday – ALL children attending on the day may wear pyjamas to Pre-School and we will enjoy a day of activities in celebration of the school leavers.
  • If any of the children would like to bring a game to share or a story to be read next week then they may. We all liked the Gruffalo game that Sam remembered to bring and we look forward to more!
  • Thank you for your fundraising support. It is my pleasure to report that the Fun Run and the Silent Auction raised a total of £700.00  Huge thanks to all of you who have baked, donated, sponsored or given time and energy to our fundraising – we can’t do it without you.

Next week will be the last newsletter of this school year.  We will say our goodbyes then!  We are looking forward to welcoming many new children to Pre-School in September and to making new friends.

We will be hosting a coffee morning to welcome you all back and to introduce new families to each other. The next school year is already looking like a busy one and we are all looking forward to Checkendon Pre-School continuing to go from strength to strength.

Many thanks again for your continuing support.  We will be circulating a questionnaire next week for completion.  Please kindly complete and return to enable us to iron out any creases and continue to provide more of what you all enjoy.

With kind regards,

Nina, Liz and Kelly.

Committee news

What a successful year our ladies and the preschool have had. We would like to thank them for the nurturing environment that they create enabling our children to learn, grow and thrive.

As the transformers head off to pastures new the committee would like to thank every parent for supporting our preschool either by providing snacks, or cake or volunteering at the run. Everything you have done has been valuable to our children and their future.

Our success in the run has meant that we have raised over £700 to be spent on new equipment for the school – watch this space. The ladies are generating their extensive shopping list as we speak.

Happy holidays and looking forward to seeing you all next year

Best wishes,

The Checkendon Pre-School CIO Committee.

9th September Newsletter

This term our theme is HARVEST

We will begin our new term with two weeks of ‘Getting to Know You’ which is our time to get to know each other, learn about our interests and generally settle back into the swing of things.  We will begin to build new friendships and re-kindle previous ones.

New friends are joining us each week and it will be so nice to introduce new personalities to the group.  The September term is always refreshing and exciting for all of us.  The children love to take on new responsibilities, share their ideas and really find their place at Pre-School. 

We have the whole year to look forward to – so let’s get busy!

The theme of Harvest will incorporate cooking, creative art, music and movement, stories, discovering the outdoors and learning about the environment we live in.  We will ask the children to share their experiences; if you see tractors or farm vehicles please  take a photo if safe to do so!  Email it to us or print it so that we can make a display.  I imagine we are going to have a lot to talk about.

The Harvest theme will continue until half term at the end of October.

Upon our return to Pre-School on 31st October we will be having a week of Halloween celebrations which will include some fundraising such as a cake stall and a bit of healthy competition in the form of pumpkin carving……more details to follow.


Each week we will hold a P.E session with the children.  From next week the session will take place on a Wednesday afternoon.


Liz and Vicki will begin the ‘Little Chefs’ group on Tuesday 13th September. 

Each week a small group will follow a recipe and learn food handling and preparation skills to produce something delicious to take home and enjoy.

We look forward to finding out what the first recipe is going to be….


A group of children will begin learning French on Thursday 15th September.  They will use colourful, attractive French resources to learn simple words and phrases, songs, numbers and colours.


Throughout each week, whenever the mood takes us we love dancing and moving to music.  We are so lucky to have such a spacious hall enabling us to move freely and express ourselves physically.

We use different genres of music including classical, pop, folk and jazz to enhance the children’s interest of music and sounds and to provide the opportunity to move in many different ways.


Each child is encouraged to bring one Show and Tell item with them when they attend Pre-School.  Their item will stay on the Show and Tell shelves until it is time to talk about it within the group.

Items may include photographs, tickets from outings, books, models, treasures etc.  Items will be looked after and returned the same day.

Please name items wherever possible.

Show and Tell is a super activity to encourage not only self-confidence but also provides the opportunity to ask and answer questions, to listen, share and discuss events that have taken place.

An important area of learning is for the children to share their interests and for us to encourage respect for each other’s beliefs and cultures.


We will begin the specific transformers group at the beginning of the January term.  It is most likely to take place on a Wednesday morning.


On the hallway table each day you will see a clear, plastic wallet for your child.  Please check this wallet at the end of your session for letters, notes, pictures etc.  Kindly leave the wallet here with us.


Each child does have a blue book wallet to be used to transport a book home and back again.  This is our own library service!  We have such a vast collection of fiction and non-fiction books and it is only right that we should share!

Please use the blue wallets – this is a good practise for taking school bags to and from school in the future.


We ask all of our families to help us provide a healthy variety of snack foods for the children to enjoy throughout the week.

Please kindly bring some fruit or salad items with you each week – maybe once or twice – for the children to share at snack times.

We provide toast and drinks to go alongside.

There is a snack basket on the hallway table – please help us to fill it each week with goodies.  Thank you.


Each child needs to bring along a drinking bottle filled with water to encourage drinking throughout the day.  Please name the bottle clearly.  We will refill as necessary.  The bottles do need to be taken home please at the end of your session.


Please name lunchboxes clearly on the outside and place them on the trolley in the entrance hall.  We will refrigerate them until lunchtime.  If you need ideas for lunches do ask us!  We have many years of packed lunch experience and may be able to suggest something that you may not have thought of…….


If your child enjoys any of the numerous children’s magazines available would you kindly pass them on to us instead of popping them in the recycling bin please?

We use the pictures for many activities – especially the production of birthday cards!!

So, we are looking forward to a busy, fun term.  We have so much to look forward to and many activities planned.

Do see the welcome from our Chairperson, Hannah Pivonka, below.  Our Pre-School Committee oversee the smooth running of our Pre-School.  They meet once a term or so to discuss the ‘business’ side of things as well as the ‘social’ side such as parent gatherings and fundraising events which are vital to the continuation of a Pre-School.

Throughout the year we will introduce fundraising events.  These may be a cake stall, a hamper raffle or the purchasing of a tea-towel on which your child’s drawing will be printed.  Some of these will require contributions from yourselves such as a cake or a small gift for a tombola.  We ask for these to enable funds to be raised to purchase resources for your child’s Pre-School.  As a registered charity is necessary for us to raise funds through events such as these.  Sometimes we ask for your help to run a stall or sell some tickets.

Please do try to help us when these events arise.  As a small team of staff and a small committee we do need as much help as we can.

New ideas are always welcome; if you have attended or run or contributed to a successful fundraiser in the past, please do share them with us.  We are always on the lookout for new ways to raise money!

The size of our Committee can only get bigger!  If you would like to know more about their role and if you fancy joining us for the first committee meeting of the year, do come along on WEDNESDAY 21ST SEPTEMBER.  We meet in Checkendon Village Hall at 7.45pm for an 8pm start.

Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions about your child, Pre-School in general, or if you have any ideas you would like to share with us.

If you do have a hobby or a skill that you would like to share with us do come and chat.  For instance; we have enjoyed visits from pet ducks, train enthusiasts, cyclists…..you never know who’s going to come along next!!

And lastly, again a big thank you from the three Checkendon Ladies for the delightful gifts and kind words we received at the end of the summer term.  We never fail to be surprised and touched by your kindness and appreciation.  Thank you.

Liz has asked me to pass on her thanks to you all for the gift of theatre tokens with a meal that she received from parents in recognition of her 25years of working at Checkendon Pre-School. She was truly surprised and touched by the contributions made and is looking forward to booking tickets for a show in London very soon – once she can decide what to see!!

Kind regards,

Nina, Liz and Kelly.

 Committee news

Welcome to old and new parents! We hope to be able to meet you in the near future – keep an eye on the useful date section for a coffee morning. Hannah (chair) will also be loitering in the hallway on a few occasions so do stop and say hello.

The preschool is parent-run school all of whom undertake this work voluntarily and therefore we would always welcome support or additional members – big or small … The support that is.

After a successful fundraising run in June last year the plan is do it all again making use of the lessons learnt. A separate meeting to kick this off will take place in first week of October- watch this space but we’d love as much help as possible so if you have a skill we can probably use it!

We wish all your smalls a wonderful Autumn term and look forward to meeting you.
Best Wishes,

The Checkendon Pre-School CIO Committee;

Hannah, Heidi, Sue, Vicki, Charlotte.


Time for the Fun to start!

As the holidays come to an end we can look forward to the new term at Pre-School. New and old friends to meet and have fun with, activities to keep everyone busy and lots of toys, games and resources to discover. Nina, Kelly and Liz will be ready to play on Monday 5th September – 7.30am for breakfast, 8.00am for an early start or 8.30am for the regular session start. See you there soon!

4th July Newsletter

Tuesday 12 July Dressing up in pyjamas day with picnic lunch – see below….
Friday 15 July Last day of summer term. 
Monday 5 September First day of autumn term.


Sports Day

What a successful day we had!  Hopefully you all enjoyed watching and supporting the children as they competed in a variety of races.

We are very proud of them and I do think they are proud of themselves!

Thank you all for your help – and for your contributions towards the delicious picnic lunch. Thank you for staying and enjoying the social time, the children really seemed to be enjoying themselves.

We are always so pleased with the sports day event – the weather this year turned out fine and the children joined in enthusiastically.  I imagine that they were all pretty tired on Friday evening!


Thank you for all your bids on the prizes in the silent auction.

We do have some winners but I am waiting for confirmation before I inform the world of winners!!

Thank you for your bids – I am sure that your generosity has raised over £150 so thank you from all of us and all the children – they will benefit hugely from your kindness.


The group spent the afternoon putting the finishing touches to the book that they have been busy constructing this term.  They have thought of all the ideas themselves, drawn the pictures and then collated their words into a book. 

We have one copy here and each of the ‘authors’ have taken a copy home.

Well done Transformers – a very special and educational activity.


On Tuesday 12th July we will be hosting a PYJAMA AND PICNIC DAY.

Children attending on the Tuesday may wear their pyjamas to Pre-School!  We will have a day of fun for the children who are moving on to Primary School.  We will spend the day decorating t-shirts and having lots of fun.


Our last day of the summer term is Friday 15th July.  The day ends at the usual time of 3.30pm.

In September we return on Monday 5th.  We are looking forward to welcoming all the children who are returning to us for the autumn/winter term.

We have already got so many plans ready for the children and we look forward to welcoming many new friends during the term.


Due to inclement weather our voting day coffee morning was cancelled.

We aim to hold another one on Monday 12th September.

We think that this would be a nice way to welcome all our new families and really get to know each other.  After the summer holidays we are bound to have plenty to talk about!

Further details will follow……we hope that many of you can join us.


If you wish to see the minutes of the meeting on Tuesday do ask Nina or Chairmancheckendonpreschool@gmail.com

Evaluation form

You will be receiving parental evaluation forms in the children’s’ envelopes next week. This is a valuable tool to understanding the needs of the preschool.

Selling your school

Please continue to mention the preschool at any children gatherings, facebook netmums etc. Thank you.

Easy fundraising – have a look online but it is an easy way to raise money for the school.

Best wishes,

The Checkendon Pre-School CIO Committee.

24th June Newsletter


What have we been learning this week?


This week we enjoyed practising balancing, hopping, skipping and more in readiness for Sports Day.

We put ourselves into teams, built hurdles, found the correct pieces of equipment, drew the start and finish lines, helped each other, cheered each other and competed (in a friendly fashion!) in races.

This was not only in preparation for our annual Sports day on Friday 1st July but also a team-building exercise.  The group works really well together – it is an excellent skill to develop; to be able to give and follow instructions given by your peers and take turns in this way.

We will find our selection of ‘school books’ next week for the school leavers to borrow and enjoy at home.  These are stories based around starting school and provide an excellent base for discussions about feelings, expectations and concerns about the move on to Primary School.

Please borrow and return them to ensure that each child is able to read a selection.


Liz and Vicki continued in their quest for the perfect meringue this week.  A new group of children practised the skills required to whisk, beat, pipe and chop to produce a delicious strawberry-filled dessert.


Friday 1st July.  Please ensure all children are in the village hall by 10.00am.  We will lead them outside and across to the running lines on the field opposite the hall.

Once you have dropped children with us, please take your blanket or seat over the road and make yourselves comfy alongside the running lines.

We will be with you as soon as we are all ready.

We would like each child to wear either a RED, BLUE or WHITE t-shirt with shorts and suitable shoes (no crocs or flappy sandals).

Everyone will compete in a number of races ranging from hurdles to egg and spoon.

Once the races have finished and the children have each received a medal and a certificate then we will all enjoy a delicious lunch.  Please see below for picnic details…..

After lunch we will return to Pre-School for the afternoon with the children who usually attend the pm session.

From Monday there will be a notice in the entrance hall with suggestions of extra food items to share at the picnic.  As a guide, there will be 24 children who may each bring 2 or more family members.  Everyone will need to eat!

This year we will provide bread rolls to be filled at home.  The rolls are in packs of 6 and a list of fillings will be on the food notice.  Please simply take the rolls and fill them with your chosen filler.

Alongside the rolls we would like contributions of salad, fruit and extras such as crisps/sausage roll/quiche/dessert/napkins/paper plates.   Please sign your name next to your chosen contribution and bring it along ready for Friday.

Drinks – we have a number of bottles of water available to purchase on the day.

Any food requiring refrigeration will be stored in our fridge until parent helpers transfer it to the picnic tables.

Thank you everyone for the contributions and let’s keep our fingers crossed for another day of sunshine!

FINISH LINE HELPERS – we could really do with some helpers to hold the finish line.  If you would be able to help us out please add your name on the notice in the hallway.

I have just read in the Checkendon Village newsletter that Uxmore Road which leads into Checkendon from Stoke Row, will be CLOSED  for 3 days from Monday 4th July.  This is due to Thames Water completing some necessary works.

It will hopefully be possible to reach us by following the road through Stoke Row, turn right into Busgrove Lane then right again into Whitehall Lane (the road with the post office on) which will bring you out just before the phone box on the Checkendon Road.

I have gathered this info from the Checkendon Village Newsletter.  If there are any changes then I apologise but this is all I know!  Lets hope it doesn’t cause too much inconvenience.

Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions.

Kind regards,

Nina, Liz and Kelly.

Monday A.M – Mud Kitchen

Tuesday A.M – Cooking with Liz and Vicki.

Tuesday P.M – Transformers

Wednesday P.M – P.E

Thursday A.M – French

Friday A.M – Cooking

Committee news

Please see a separate email sent from Pre-School with regards to the Fun Run.

We are delighted to announce that the event raised £450.00. This will be used to purchase ICT items for the children.  This will include toys and resources that require switching on, pushing, pulling or any action to make it work.

Next committee meeting is being held on Tuesday 28th June at Hannah’s house in Checkendon.  If you wish to attend please let Nina know and she will give you the address.

Thank you again for those who came along and supported the Fun Run or made cakes or helped in any way – the first fundraising event organised by our current committee. A successful event that we hope to build on year by year…..

Best wishes,

The Checkendon Pre-School CIO Committee.