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Wellcomm at Checkendon Pre-School C.I.O

What is Wellcomm?

Wellcomm is a speech and language toolkit for children aged 6 months to 6 years. It helps practitioners to understand children’s current level of speech and language and then provides a range of activities to help support their language development.

How does it work?

Speech development follows a pattern much like physical development. For example: a baby can’t run without first learning to sit up, stand up and walk. It is the same with communication. For example, if a child doesn’t understand the words ball, box or in, they will be unable to “put the ball in the box”. Identifying a specific area that a child might need support in allows us to play games or do activities that help them master an idea or concept which will boost their speech and language development. Our job is to make sure that your child leaves us equipped as well as possible for the next stage of their education and sometimes we use tools like Wellcomm to make sure that no milestones have been missed and that we are supporting each child to the best of our ability. We assess all children at Checkendon Pre-School to make sure that we support any gaps in their understanding. We would also assess a child if we felt there was a communication need so that we know how we can best support them. Our aim with all our children is that we help and support them to achieve their potential in all areas of development so that when they leave preschool to go to reception, they are ready for the next stage of their education. A child will be assessed for around 10-15 minutes on their understanding of what is being said to them (receptive language) and also how they communicate verbally (expressive language). Some of the assessment is completed through specific activities and some through our everyday observations. The needs of the child are taken in to consideration and the toolkit may be completed over several stages.

What can I expect from Checkendon Pre-School?

 At Checkendon Pre-School we use our observations and the children’s Tapestry learning journals to closely monitor all the children and their development. If the keypersons feel that a child might benefit from some support with certain concepts or have any concerns regarding speech and language, we will work with parents to build a picture of their communication both in and out of preschool. Then with parents’ permission, use the toolkit to help give a clearer picture of which specific areas of communication need some support. The toolkit will be completed by the keyperson or SENDCo (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Co-ordinator) and the outcomes fed back to parents/carers. Together we will use the suggested easy and practical activities to support the child’s development. Their progress will continue to be monitored and support adjusted as appropriate.